Piloting IO1 eLearning Concept

EcoSTEAM Initiative Piloted by Secondary School Teachers Across all Four Project Partner Countries 

After a year-long development phase, the EcoSTEAM Development team has proudly unveiled its inaugural deliverable: The EcoSTEAM eLearning Concept. This comprehensive training course, crafted in collaboration with educational researchers, curriculum developers, and STEAM educators, targets secondary school teachers with the aim of fostering environmental consciousness through innovative pedagogies.

Drawing from a wealth of scholarly resources, including over 120 scientific journal articles, and enriched by reflective workshops, the EcoSTEAM eLearning Concept comprises four distinct modules. These modules delve into crucial aspects of STEAM education, encompassing instructional design, environmental awareness integration, community-building among educators, and the transition of students into future STEAM professionals.

Excitingly, the EcoSTEAM eLearning Concept is now being piloted in Cyprus, North Macedonia, Lithuania, and Turkey. STEAM teachers from secondary schools in all four countries are engaging with the course content, which is designed to enhance students’ interest in scientific topics through immersive educational activities and projects.

Drawing from the wealth of teaching practice experience, their pedagogical understanding and respective expertise they shall provide valuable feedback aiding in further improving and calibrating the content of the eLearning Concept. Such piloting endevours exert a transformative force within the realm of content and curricular development.

To access the EcoSTEAM eLearning Concept and join the movement toward a greener, more sustainable future, click here [insert IO1 website link]. Stay tuned for updates on this groundbreaking initiative and its impact on STEAM education worldwide.