Presentation of EcoSTEAM Development Project at the OTTER Conference

To accelerate – venture alone, to endure – walk with others side by side. This ethos extends to European-funded projects, where collaboration amplifies impact across societal, environmental, and educational fronts. With the European Commission backing diverse initiatives, cooperation is vital. Through synergies, initiatives tackle challenges comprehensively rather than piecemeal. Collaborations optimize resources, share knowledge, and advocate collectively for policy reform, exemplified by events like the recent OTTER conference in Brussels (15th Feb. 2024). Bringing together stakeholders from research, policy, and education sectors. EcoSTEAM representatives were present aiming to amplify the educational value of the resources they are currently working on, receive valuable feedback and share best practices. Reflecting on such successes underscores the necessity of partnerships, particularly in the educational realm. Receive more insights and details of this past event by clicking at the link below: