Transnational Project Meeting in Turkey: Assessing Progress and Planning for the Future

We are pleased to share highlights from the recent Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) held in Istanbul, Turkey, on May 11th and 12th, 2023. Hosted at Istanbul University Cerrahpasa, the meeting brought together project partners to evaluate the progress of IO1: e-Learning Concept and strategize the future development of IO2: e-Teaching Programme.

Assessing the development progress of IO1: e-Learning Concept

During the meeting, project partners conducted a thorough assessment of IO1: e-Learning Concept, which serves as a comprehensive guide targeting the didactical awareness of teaching practitioners in STEAM and Environmental Education. Partners engaged in constructive discussions to review the content, structure, and effectiveness of the e-Learning Concept, identifying areas for improvement and refinement.

Setting up an action plan for IO2: e-Teaching Programme

Building on the insights gleaned from the assessment of IO1, project partners collaboratively developed an action plan for the future development of IO2: e-Teaching Programme. A program designed to cultivate STEAM knowledge and skills while promoting environmental responsibility, self-directed learning, creativity, and critical thinking among students. With a focus on practical implementation, partners outlined strategies to ensure the program’s alignment with project objectives and educational standards. Additionally, plans were made to streamline the integration of environmental topics into the e-Teaching Programme to enhance its impact on students’ ecological literacy.

Streamlining IO1 and IO2

Recognising the interconnectedness of IO1 and IO2, project partners actively sought ways to streamline the two intellectual products. By drawing connections between the e-Learning Concept and the e-Teaching Programme, partners aimed to create a cohesive and seamless learning experience for educators and students alike. Strategies were discussed to ensure that the content and methodologies developed in IO1 effectively support the implementation of IO2, ultimately maximising the project’s overall impact on STEAM education and environmental consciousness.

As the project progresses, we remain committed to our goal of enhancing STEAM education and fostering environmental awareness among students. Stay tuned for further updates on our journey towards a greener, more sustainable future.