Development of IO1 – eLearning Concept

The EcoSTEAM Development team is thrilled to announce the commencement of its 1st Interllectual Output the EcoSTEAM eLearning Concept. In the next months educational researchers, curriculum developers, and STEAM educators will join efforts devising a comprehensive training course targeting STEAM educators. The resulting course aims to equip formal and non-formal education STEAM practitioners with essential skills and know-how for fostering environmental awareness and consciousness among secondary school students through STEAM methods and pedagogies. 

The content coverage of the eLearning Concept training course ultimately seeks to support educators in enhancing students’ interest in scientific topics through innovative educational activities and projects, encouraging future studies and employment in STEAM-related fields. 

The EcoSTEAM eLearning Concept will serve as a valuable resource for STEAM educators, equipping them with an essential understanding of integrating environmental agency into their teaching practices through highly engaging and creative STEAM activities. The project team aspires to impact European STEAM education networks positively.